Key Issues

  • Revenue Package

    Revenue Package

    The Revenue Package was developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO) in response to WCO Members’ concerns in regard to falling revenue returns in the light of the global financial crisis and declining duty rates.

  • Economic Competitiveness Package Logo EN

    Economic Competitiveness Package

    A package comprised of all WCO instruments which may contribute to trade facilitation and economic competitiveness.

  • Compliance & Enforcement Package

    Compliance & Enforcement Package

    The Compliance and Enforcement Package (CEP) has been developed in order to assist Members to address the high-risk areas for Customs enforcement.

  • ODP - Organizational Development Package

    Organizational Development Package

    Significant progress has been made since the adoption of the WCO Capacity Building Strategy in 2003. However, new and emerging key strategic drivers impact on international trade and the roles and responsibilities of Customs administrations.

  • Private Sector Consultative Group

    The Private Sector Consultative Group (PSCG) was formed for the purpose of informing and advising the WCO Secretary General, the Policy Commission and WCO Members on Customs and international trade matters from the perspective of the private sector. The PSCG complements the vital contributions made by private sector Observers to WCO Committee meetings.

  • Customs Laboratories

    Customs laboratories are a very important instrument for customs authorities and, in general, for national administrations.

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