Online Services

  • Bookshop

    Order WCO publications online

  • Harmonized System Database

    Harmonized System Database

  • CLiKC!

    CLiKC!, the WCO Training Portal, gathers all training-related tools in a single portal. This website offers to the worldwide Customs Community a single entry point for WCO training activities and a collaborative portal to share and foster Customs knowledge.

  • CEN

    The Customs Enforcement Network (CEN) is not only a database, it is also a Web site and an encrypted communication tool facilitating the exchange and use of information and intelligence.

  • IRIS


  • WCO Academy

    Customs e-learning for current and future trade leaders

  • TeN

    The World Customs Organization maintains, for the benefit of its Members, a Databank on Advanced Technology accessible via the Organization’s website.

    The Databank assembles information on technical equipment available in the market place.

    It provides Customs Administrations with detailed and updated information that can assist them to secure the international trade supply chain and manage the crossborder movement of people and goods.

  • I2C

    WCO Information & Intelligence Centre

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