WCO publishes an E-Commerce Package

08 August 2019

The WCO E-Commerce Package, which has just been published, provides guidance to Customs administrations on establishing or enhancing the legislative, policy and operational framework for managing cross-border e-commerce.

The Package includes the Framework of Standards on Cross-Border E-Commerce and the accompanying WCO Council Resolution adopted in June 2018, as well as various tools adopted in June 2109, supporting the effective and harmonized implementation of the various standards contained in the Framework.

Given the phenomenal growth in cross-border e-commerce and its associated opportunities and challenges, Customs administrations are urged to implement the Framework of Standards in a phased manner, based on their national priorities, specificities, internal procedures, and resource availability.

To ensure its wide application, it is recommended that Customs administrations implement the Framework of Standards in close cooperation with other relevant national government agencies and e-commerce stakeholders.

In order to support the expeditious and harmonized implementation of the Framework of Standards, the WCO stands ready to provide any necessary assistance to its Member Customs administrations, based on their respective needs and requirements.

As the e-commerce environment is both dynamic and evolving, the WCO will continue work in this area through its various WCO working bodies to address emerging issues and operational challenges for promoting secure, efficient, sustainable and inclusive cross-border e-commerce.

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